Pageside’s phone credit card processing from First Data turns any touchtone phone, including cell phones, into a credit card processor that can handle all Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards. Super easy to use and best of all, there’s no equipment or software to purchase.

Telephone credit card processing with Pageside Payments is a great cost-effective solution for low-volume businesses, merchants who are on the go (trade show and craft vendors, for example) and businesses that want to keep equipment to a minimum. IVR services are accessible 24 hours a day/365 days a year, meaning your business never has a down moment.

Initiating a transaction is as easy as calling a toll free 800 number on your touch tone phone. An audio prompts direct you to enter the customer’s credit card number, expiration date and sale amount using the keypad on your phone. The transaction is processed immediately, and a transaction approval or denial is issued. If approved, funds are automatically deposited into your checking account within two business days.

Need to give your face-to-face customers a receipt? Simply use an inexpensive credit card imprinter. It allows you to make an imprint of the customer’s credit card using a two part carbon receipt. One copy goes to the customer, and another copy for your records.

IVR Specs:

  • Access to the latest voice technologies with little upfront investment
  • Extensive professional support team with over 20 years of experience
  • User-centered approach to application design and development
  • Usage-based model drives constant focus on application optimization
  • Advanced integration capabilities with your host systems
  • Over 500 live inbound and outbound applications