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You are wondering how much your business website is going to cost. It is a natural question. Predefined and package based cost structure will not do your website justice. Your business process is different from everyone else. Your website should be unique too just like your business. That is why we like to know more about your website requirements to get an idea of how much time and effort it will take for us to design and develop it. Use this web design cost calculator below to get an idea of how much your website may cost.  Once we get more details from you – we can provide a more accurate time and cost estimate for your website.

 Free Logo (limited-time) (0.00) Free Domain Name .com .co .biz .info (limited-time) (0.00) Responsive Design (mobile, tablets etc) (0.00) Basic SEO (limited-time) (0.00)

 1-5 Pages (included) (0.00) 5-10 Pages ($100.00CAD) 10-20 Pages ($150.00CAD) 20 + Pages ($300.00CAD)

 Homepage, Contact Form, About Us, Products/Services + Responsive (included) ($99.00CAD) Photo/Video Gallery ($150.00CAD) Shopping Cart ($499.00CAD) Custom page (each) ($100.00CAD)

 No, Thanx! (0.00) Wordpress CMS ($150.00CAD) Drupal CMS ($199.00CAD) Joomla! CMS ($399.00CAD)

 I agree with the one-time installation fee of $99.00
 I agree with the maintenance monthly fee of $24.95